The Consortium

We offer our professionalism and passion for plants, we use production systems that are
sustainable for a greener world for the benefit of all.

This business started in 1994, with the purchase of a small plot of land, where potted chrysanthemums were grown produced. Over the years, the dedication and passion for this work have led Remo to continued growth. To date, the company, which spans over 16 hectares between greenhouses and open fields, uses the most modern cultivation technologies and sets the standard in the horticultural sector.

A company with a vast production site located in the city of Latina, where numerous varieties of ornamental plants and green plants are produced for the B2B market. It has also a dedicated B2C sales point, in the area of Rome.


A company specialized in the production of culinary herbs and ornamental plants. Part of the production is grown using traditional methods and another part is grown using the most advanced organic farming systems. The company continuously invests in environmentally friendly technologies and aims at transforming all production into organic production.


Located in the area of Rome, the company has always been
focused on the use of renewable energies in all stages of production. For over 20 years it has specialized in the cultivation of chrysanthemums and poinsettias in pots, plants that have long since entered the cultural tradition of Italy.

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